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Gutenberg College began publishing Colloquy quarterly in Fall 2018. Back issues of Colloquy are below.

Gutenberg discontinued publishing its monthly newsletter, News & Views, in July 2018. Articles from News & Views are available in the Articles section.

Colloquy Back Issues

  • Colloquy, Winter 2019
    Articles: “Coming to Grips with Weird Physics” by Chris Swanson
    “Celebrating Our Juniors” by Eliot Grasso
    “The Value of Latent Christian Literature” by Christopher Stollar
    Great Book Review: Confessions by Augustine
  • Colloquy, Fall 2018
    Articles: “A Meaningful Life” by Ron Julian
    “How to Read a Book (of the Bible)” by Chris Swanson
    Poetry: “The Wind Without” by Chris Alderman

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Our quarterly newsletter is also available online:

In addition, many articles that have appeared in our previous newsletter, News & Views, and Colloquy are included among our online articles.

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