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  • January/February
    Article: “A Gutenberg Education Is an Opportunity” by Toby Johnston
  • March
    Article: “In Support of Stress” by Tim McIntosh
  • April
    Article: “Forbear with One Another” by Ron Julian
  • May
    Article: “Miracles” by Chris Swanson
  • June/July
    Article: “Confidence and Humility” by Eliot Grasso
  • August
    Article: “Pure in Heart” by Ron Julian
  • September
    Article: “Sacred Science” by Chris Swanson
  • October
    Article: “Pearls before Swine” by Ron Julian
  • November
    Article: “The Great Books in the Twenty-first Century” by Eliot Grasso
  • December
    Article: “The Lie of Authenticity” by Chris Swanson


  • January/February
    Article: “When Normalcy Doe Not Prevail” by Jack Crabtree
  • March
    Article: “The Neglected Teaching of Jesus” by Tim McIntosh
  • April
    Article: “Why Rachel?” by David Crabtree
  • May
    Article: “The Vindication of Losers” by Jack Crabtree
  • June
    Article: “The Power of Presuppositions” by Chris Swanson
  • July/August
    Article: “Where We Are and Whither We Go” by Chris Swanson
  • September
    Article: “My Thanks” by David Crabtree
  • October/November
    Article: “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” by Ron Julian
  • December
    Article: “The Greek Polis and American Individualism” by Chris Swanson

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